About me:

On an amateur level, I practice photography with passion and delight. I am an autodidact; everything I know I have learned from books and magazines. I prefer "slow" photography, such as landscapes, scenery, still life, architecture, the passive type of animals - generally spoken, subjects that don't mind the time it takes me to first dig out the proper lens from my camera bag, and then to the best of my knowledge master to set camera parameters such as focal distance, exposure measurement method, white balance, aperture, exposure time (*sigh*) ... and to eventually release the shutter. Action or sports photography do not belong to my preferences.

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As much as I would have enjoyed passionately observing the world through a Mamiya's or Hasselblad's viewfinder, up to now I had to content myself with off-the-shelf mass-produced cameras.

Apart from a 50 mm and a 300 mm fixed focal length lens as well as a 105 mm macro lens, I shoot my pictures with a variety of zoom lenses. No lenses that would arouse real enviousness or admiration, nevertheless sufficient for most of my photographical challenges - and to occasionally give me an aching back.

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