About me:

On an amateur level, I practice photography with passion and delight. I am an autodidact; everything I know I have learned from books and magazines. I prefer "slow" photography, such as landscapes, scenery, still life, architecture, the passive type of animals - generally spoken, subjects that don't mind the time it takes me to first dig out the proper lens from my camera bag, and then to the best of my knowledge master to set camera parameters such as focal distance, exposure measurement method, white balance, aperture, exposure time (*sigh*) ... and to eventually release the shutter. Action or sports photography do not belong to my preferences.

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My job

Being a German foreign worker in Felix Austria, constantly interrupted by contra-productive weekends, numerous paid public holidays and standard annual leave, I had pursued the occasionally exhausting, nevertheless absorbing ancillary labor costs-intensive task of a Technical Writer, Localization Manager and Language Master — anxious to painstakingly position the correct phrases and terminology at the correct places in order to demystify more or less complex software and hardware products as well as software user interfaces in a target audience- and likewise ISO-compatible way.

Therefore, applying incomprehensibility as stylistic means for differentiation, I only allow myself on my website... ;-)



But then, at a day not too long ago, when I officially turned "you look good for your age" years old ... well, what can I say but:
Imagine it's Monday and I don't have to show up!


The pension notice has arrived! Now I will go to the park every day so that the ducks can feed me.