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On an amateur level, I practice photography with passion and delight. I am an autodidact; everything I know I have learned from books and magazines. I prefer "slow" photography, such as landscapes, scenery, still life, architecture, the passive type of animals - generally spoken, subjects that don't mind the time it takes me to first dig out the proper lens from my camera bag, and then to the best of my knowledge master to set camera parameters such as focal distance, exposure measurement method, white balance, aperture, exposure time (*sigh*) ... and to eventually release the shutter. Action or sports photography do not belong to my preferences.

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Legal notice

Well, I could have published something useful here. Unfortunately, the law requires a "legal notice" instead. It — the law — instructs me to encourage you to read the information provided here carefully from time to time because they are subject to changes without further notice.

I explicitly state that this English website is a self-translated counterpart of my German one, which I consider the "master website" (we Germans looove that kind of stuff, don't we?). Since my English website is written in a language that is not my native tongue and my entire website is hosted on a Germany-based server, in case of disputes and/or discrepancies of any kind, the legal notice of the German section of my website shall govern.


  1. General
  2. Responsible Author
  3. Contents of this website
  4. Political Correctness
  5. References and hyperlinks
  6. Copyright and obligation for indication
  7. Protection of privacy
  8. Exemption from liability for computer damage
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  10. Lawyers, a word, please!


1. General

This website is a private, independently operated, non-commercial Internet presence.

2. Responsible Author

Responsible author of this website: Thomas Wolff. In order to protect my privacy against the partly degenerative excrescences of human habitus on the Internet, I neither publish my address nor any other private data here. However, feel free to contact me any time.

3. Contents of this website

Every single expression of opinion, statement and/or comment on this website represents the website author's personal viewpoint.

Well knowing that in both his once loved homeland, the so-called "Federal Republic of Germany", today a failed state in the author's opinion, under command of the most dangerous political camarilla for this nation since Adolf Hitler's regime, and in his present homeland, beautiful Austria, it may officially be still allowed to freely express ones opinion but — unless uncompromisingly in line with the socio-politically left-orientated, good-doing, tolerance-ridden and gender-lunatic mainstream — in reality inappropriate in order to avoid occupational and social disadvantages, the author tries to depoliticize his statements outside this "legal notice" to the best of his capabilities.

However, due to the fact that in both home countries of the author for the first time since the end of fascism 7 decades ago certain authorities again reserve the right to decide what's right or wrong, he tries to create his Internet presence as pleasantly consumable and inoffensive as possible.

Wherever a standpoint or a socio-political positioning seems inevitable to the author, he refers to article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948, which to the best of the author's knowledge still applies at the time of writing, declaring:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Resisting all efforts of the organized starry-eyed idealism of "do-gooders" to impose onto everyone the felt obligation to give up his/her very own opinion in spoken, written or pictorial form in favor of the left-green mainstream stand- and viewpoints, in the humble opinion of the author this article implies the right to still freely articulate oneself in any desired and uncensored form about confessions and creeds, and they way they are interpreted and lived out, about organized religions and their institutional places or worship, about political and/or societal ideologies as well as actions and behaviours of governments, institutions, authorities, intelligence agencies, the military of any county on this earth or any living individual.

If the world we live in is a fair and upright one, every human being should be allowed to say whatever he/she wants... however stupid or wrong it may be in the eyes of others. No authoritiy whatsoever should reserve the right to decide what's wright or wrong!

In this context, you may also want to refer to section political correctness.

The author takes no responsibility for the correctness, up-to-dateness, integrity or quality of any information published on this website. Under no circumstances can he be held liable for material or ideational damages caused by using or not using the information provided on this website, or the inability of using them properly, unless the damage was evidently and verifiably caused on purpose or due to gross negligence.

All offers are non-binding and without obligation. The author explicitly reserves the right to change, supplement, edit or delete either parts of or the entire website, or to temporarily or permanently discontinue the publication without any prior announcement.

If the law should change significantly so that the content of this website violates it, the author asks for notification and to be granted the chance to correct the subject of complaint.

4. Political Correctness

Important note: This website is not politically correct. Neither the shown photographs nor the published text are subject to the dictates of the so-called political correctness. A small yet essential detail that may possibly exclude certain people with a specific mind-set and/or ideology from unconditionally and open-mindedly accepting my statements and even the one or other picture. Should you tend towards taking offense at not mainstream-compatibly phrased content, that — devoid of politically, institutionally and societally prescribed language rectification — dares to unroll whenever differentiation of human beings, situations or facts becomes an issue, I strongly advise you to leave this website.

I consider the way political correctness is practiced in today's societies hysterical and repellently dishonest. It's a culture of radical-leftist monopolization of the public opinion, of a government-controlled and institutionally regulated ban on thinking and, often enough, of an unworldly downplaying and organized dazzlement. In the way, political correctness is enforced upon us, it is an instrumentalized self-delusion wrapped in starry-eyed idealism, manifested complacency not having to bother with reality — and eventually an instrument of death for the occasionally inconvenient truth. Under the pretext of political correctness, critics, lateral and, often enough, clear thinkers are forced into the euphemism treadmill, trivialize with levity and silenced in a far too generalized and undifferentiated manner, or, with an astonishing grade of grimness and plenty of inventiveness up to defamation, even socially sidelined. Political correctness has proven to be a highly-effective instrument for regulating, controlling and restricting freedom of speech, and increasingly narrows the range of an acceptable margin of opinion. Hence, political correctness mutates into the inquisition of the 21. century. Where after World War II the stricken peoples dreamt about a world free of repressions, today, 70 years later, an environment of assumptions and suspicions, of assimilation, cringing and moral cowardice dominates, so that the alleged oppressive atmosphere of the fifties today appears like a fresh breeze of sea air.

Submissively and without good reason we arranged ourselves in a system of obedience, of organized verbal and mental gutlessness, employing a fool's language of prophylactic anti-offense euphemisms that de facto paralyzes the entire social environment from top to bottom.

May life ever punish those that are politically incorrect, at least on my website I grant myself the right to tear down the barriers of the articulation regulation mania, wherever applicable, and to escape the language prison that gets institutionally erected around us. Wherever I consider it appropriate and necessary, I deliberately position myself outside this canon of "correct" moral values and openly address facts what were actually tabooed by the language police. Tabooed with reason, because it is very much in the spirit of a system desperately determined to stay in power that the majority of the population, in favor of the overall compliance with the system, step by step abandons more of its own freedom. And this has proven alarmingly effective.

Be it as it may, striving to please everyone is doomed to failure. So, I won't even start trying.

A final word reg. political correctness, directed at our highly valued, us culturally enriching fellow citizens with migration background, particularly to that protected species with an ultraconservative Islamic Creed, which in this part of the world long stands beyond any possibilities of an open and honest assessment, not to mention criticism. Click here...

5. References and hyperlinks

In case of direct or indirect references/hyperlinks to third-party websites that are outside the responsibility of the author, a liability obligation would come into effect only in the case where the author has knowledge of these contents, and it would be reasonable and technically possible for him to prevent the usage of illegal content.

These references to third-party websites are recognizable as such by their context, and/or they are marked appropriately. The author hereby explicitly states that at the time of the linking no illegal contents were recognizable on the referenced pages. The author has no influence whatsoever on current and future design, contents or authorship of the referenced pages. That is why he hereby explicitly distances himself from all contents of all linked pages that were changed after the link was initially set. This statement applies to all links and references on the author's private website.

Not the person who references to other publications by hyperlinks or references but the provider/author of the such a reference is to be held liable for illegal, incorrect and/or incomplete content, and, in particular, for damages arising from the use or non-use of information offered on this referenced website.

Should you find illegal and/or immoral content or copyright infringement at such a referenced publication, please inform the author of this website. The reference will then be removed immediately.

6. Copyright and obligation for indication

The author is anxious to prevent copyright infringement under all circumstances and to use, whenever possible, self-created graphics and text, or to make use of license-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and text.

All third-party protected brands and trademarks mentioned on this website are without any restrictions subject to the regulations of the respective obligation for indication/trademark law and the ownership of the registered owner. The mere mentioning of such third-party protected brands and trademarks must not lead to the conclusion that they are not protected by third-party rights!

The author does not claim copyright for all material published on his website that is not self-created; he only collects and publishes this material.

Should the author infringe copyright by publishing certain material, please inform him about this. The material will then be removed immediately.

The copyright for published objects (text and photographs) created by the author himself lies with him. Reproduction and/or use of such text and photographs in other electronic or printed publications without the explicit consent of the author is not permitted. Please contact the author if you are interested in one of the photos or any text.

7. Protection of privacy

Wherever on this website there is an opportunity to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, name, addresses), the input of these data is voluntary.

For data protection-related risks and side effects contact the Eye of Sauron, the NSA (Email contact NSA), the British Intelligence Agency GCHQ (Email contact GCHQ), or one of their faithful vassals in the German Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) in Pullach (Email contact BND). For simplicity's sake perhaps directing a trustful request to the operator of your "social network", your website or your favorite search engine may also be sufficient. The safety of your personal data is near and dear to all of them...

8. Exemption from liability for computer damage

The author accepts no liability for misleading or erroneous advices and/or statements, programs, HTML code, scripts, or data afflicted by viruses and possible damage or data loss resulting from this.

9. Webspace Provider

Due to disastrous experiences with the STRATO AG in 10587 Berlin, Germany, issues far beyond anything that modern service providers at the beginning of the 21. century should be allowed to afford, starting on 27 January, 2014, my new webspace provider is:

internex GmbH
Lagerstrasse 15
3950 Gmuend
Telephone: +49 1805 055 055

10. Lawyers, a word, please!

A personal message directed at those representatives of the in general law-abiding and honorable guild of jurists whose motivation for visiting my website is not necessarily their dedicated interest in photographic work: click here... (no liability assumed and exempt from responsibility of any kind whatsoever).