Thomas Wolff

About me

For me, playing the acoustic guitar is a great way to forget about everything. What you see is what you get. Whatever love and emotion you put in it, it's given back instantaneously. And if you're really getting there, the reward is even bigger. Every sound you hear is a direct and pure result made by your hands. No effects, no trickery, no artificial sounds.
It's just you, the guitar... and love.

My songs...

My songs

A painter paints pictures on canvas. A musician, in particular a folk singer or baladeer like me, paints his musical pictures on silence...
There is a lot of noise in this world. But there is only one silence. And feelings arise from silence, only.

My gear...

My gear

A little overview of my most important gear...

Shooting people...


Yeah, I do that, too. Because it's the only hobby where I can shoot people and cut their heads off without going to jail.