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Well, I could have published something useful here. Unfortunately, the law requires a "legal notice" instead. It - the law - instructs me to encourage you to read the information provided here carefully from time to time because they are subject to changes without further notice.

I explicitly state that this English website is a self-translated counterpart of my German one, which I consider the "master website". Since my English website is written in a language that is not my native tongue, and since my entire website is hosted on a Germany-based server, in case of disputes and/or discrepancies of any kind, the legal notice of the German section of my website shall govern.


This website is a private, independently operated, non-commercial Internet presence.

The author

Responsible author of this website: Thomas Wolff. In order to protect my privacy against the partly degenerative excrescences of human habitus on the Internet, I neither publish my address nor any other private data here. However, feel free to contact me any time by email.

References and hyperlinks

In case of direct or indirect references/hyperlinks to third-party websites that are outside the responsibility of the author, a liability obligation would come into effect only in the case where the author has knowledge of these contents, and it would be reasonable and technically possible for him to prevent the usage of illegal content.

These references to third-party websites are recognizable as such by their context, and/or they are marked appropriately. The author hereby explicitly states that at the time of the linking no illegal contents were recognizable on the referenced pages. The author has no influence whatsoever on current and future design, contents or authorship of the referenced pages. That is why he hereby explicitly distances himself from all contents of all linked pages that were changed after the link was initially set. This statement applies to all links and references on the author's private website.

Not the person who references to other publications by hyperlinks or references but the provider/author of the such a reference is to be held liable for illegal, incorrect and/or incomplete content, and, in particular, for damages arising from the use or non-use of information offered on this referenced website.

Should you find illegal and/or immoral content or copyright infringement at such a referenced publication, please inform the author of this website. The reference will then be removed immediately.

Copyright and obligation for indication

The author is anxious to prevent copyright infringement under all circumstances and to use, whenever possible, self-created graphics and text, or to make use of license-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and text.

All third-party protected brands and trademarks mentioned on this website are without any restrictions subject to the regulations of the respective obligation for indication/trademark law and the ownership of the registered owner. The mere mentioning of such third-party protected brands and trademarks must not lead to the conclusion that they are not protected by third-party rights!

The author does not claim copyright for all material published on his website that is not self-created; he only collects and publishes this material.

Should the author infringe copyright by publishing certain material, please inform him about this. The material will then be removed immediately.

The copyright for published objects (text and photographs) created by the author himself lies with him. Reproduction and/or use of such text and photographs in other electronic or printed publications without the explicit consent of the author is not permitted. Please contact the author if you are interested in one of the photos or any text.

Protection of privacy

Wherever on this website there is an opportunity to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, name, addresses), the input of these data is voluntary.

Exemption from liability for computer damage

The author accepts no liability for misleading or erroneous advices and/or statements, programs, HTML code, scripts, or data afflicted by viruses and possible damage or data loss resulting from this.

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