Technical hullabaloo

Valued visitors. Those who never knew or missed fast buildups of entirely Script, ActiveX and Flash hullabaloo-free websites; those who like dazzling colors, blinking and flashing, animations and pop-ups at all 4 corners and in between; those not annoyed by constantly having to click-off insuppressible "safety" warnings popped up by Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge (or do you really know how to get rid of them?) may not take much pleasure in this evidently simple and fanciless Web presence.

The purists among you, however, stressed out by Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge, and disgusted by overloaded websites, will soon realize that absolutely nothing here distracts you from the actual contents - the "Passion in Observing".

I have tested my website primarily with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome! In these Browsers my website pretty much looks the way I would like to present it to you... within the restrictions of pure HTML technology, that is.

Unfortunately I cannot quite get along without the use of Javascript... and be it only to display text and photographs in pop-up windows.

Here you can verify that Javascript is enabled in your Browser... and, in case it's not, how to activate it:
How to enable JavaScript in your browser...

As much as I regret having to say that, but in case you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge to view this website, I cannot advise you how to bypass having to allow "blocked elements" over and over again...

... and only Heaven knows about the clicks, confirmations and burdens future versions these Browsers will impose on us just to conceal their security loopholes, and to shuffle off responsibility for possibly intruding malicious software to the unsuspecting user.