My Irish goddesses

Are you an addict if you give each single guitar a Celtic name? If you feel an individual character in each guitar when holding her against your body? If you literally love each single one for what she is? Well then...

Máirín, a Martin GPCPA4


Máirín, the "beloved one"...
My first Martin... purchased in autumn 2015. A true workhorse.

Mona, a Martin 000-28 SB


Mona, the "noble one", also the "desired one". A name she truly deserves.
Purchased in June 2019.

Mailin, a Martin D-42


Mailin, the "sublime" one, the "supreme" one. My incomparable dreadnought.
Purchased in June 2020.

Eabha, an Emerald X20


Eabha, the "living" one. A carbon-fibre masterpiece from Emerald Guitars in County Donegal, Ireland.
Purchased in February 2021.

Teegan, a Takamine Blue Rose Limited 2021


Teegan, the "little poet". An exceptional Asian beauty.
Purchased in February 2021.

Brianna, a Harley Benton Custom Line CLJ-412E 3SB


Brianna, the "high" one, the "noble" one, the "exalted" one. A little fling into the world of out of tune guitars.
Purchased in June 2021.

Fiona, a Furch "Little Jane"


A small yet very fine travel guitar.
Farewell gift by my former employer OMICRON electronics GmbH, January 2023.

My pride and joy

A li'l overview...